MV3000 AC Variable Frequency Drive
From 200 to 2,500 HP these modular low voltage Inverters are “state of the art” designs with capacity for DC Bus Fed, Diode Input and 4 Quadrant Regeneration.

 Pictured is a 1,500 HP Line Regenerative AC VFD.
Type 6870/8870 Digital DC Controller
Digital DC Drive Line 5 to 5000 HP available from 150 to 750 Vdc. Includes Field Current Regulator and English Programming and Diagnostics.


Type SCV9592 Sensorless Vector AC VFD                               


Our SVC9592 is a 2 step PWM Inverter which is simple to install and start up, yet has a full featured menu for your more difficult applications. A 3-wire Start-Stop circuit eliminates the need for external relays. A built in PID loop is available for droop control applications. Decel and Stop at Failure of supply voltage is standard. 1 to 150 HP in 200/240 VAC and 400/480 VAC.

MPS9860 Digital AC Softstarter
A Digital       Family of Fully Controlled Thyristor Soft-Starters from 5 to 1,250 HP. Available Voltages are 230, 460 and 575 Vac.



Thrige Electric DC Motors                

Fully Laminated Frames with both NEMA and IEC ratings. Ratings from 0.5 to 1750 kW. Stocking to 800 HP in North America.





Specialty Power Conversion Devices

DC to AC Power Converters, DC to DC Choppers, Battery Chargers, AC to DC Variable Supplies. Ranges from 5kW to 3,000kW. Voltages up to 6.6 kV.
Spare Parts  Motors & Controls International houses the largest inventory of spare parts for power converters in our region.