AC Drives



IGBT Based AC Modular Drive with the Diode and IGBT (Active Front End)

200 to 690 Vac Input as well as DC Input.


SCR Based AC Drive with Fully Active Front End

Best Input Power Quality

Better Output Power Quality than any other low voltage drive (200 to 700Vac)

Modular and Expandable

ZERO Common Mode Noise

ZERO Bearing Fretting due to dV/dT


AC Single Phase Output (50 or 60 Hz. w other frequencies available)

Fed by 1 or 3 Phase Input

Stationary or Portable Unit

Type SCV9592 

Sensorless Vector AC VFD                               


Our SVC9592 is a 2 step PWM Inverter which is simple to install and start up, yet has a full featured menu for your more difficult applications. A 3-wire Start-Stop circuit eliminates the need for external relays. A built in PID loop is available for droop control applications. Decel and Stop at Failure of supply voltage is standard. 1 to 150 HP in 200/240 VAC and 400/480 VAC.